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Part 1: Pulling Into the Stronghold "Introduction"

I have prayed and will continue to pray that as I share what happened to me, my story, will help you establish your heart in Jesus.  I hope to share with you what is meant by the title of this series of lessons, Pulling into the stronghold, and also teach you how to pull into the stronghold yourself, giving you a strategy for what to do when you encounter a sudden trial or a difficult season of life. It is my desire that as a group of people serving Jesus in one place that you can use this shared language and strategy to minister to each other as well. I believe that this lesson is from God, and was given to me for you, my beloved brothers and sisters in Christ. 

Join me in this first session of six to set Bible background, as we follow David into the wilderness strongholds, as he flees for his life from King Saul! The key text is 1 Samuel 22-26.

For lesson plans and handouts, Click Here!!

Video Length is (15:15)

Discussion or Journaling Questions:

 1.What do you think David did in the wilderness strongholds? How can we know?

2.Think for a moment…  what are the reasons why David (from God’s point of view) needed to spend time in the wilderness strongholds? In other words, how did this time in the wilderness prepare David to be king? 

3. Why do you believe David continued to refuse to kill King Saul? Why do you think he believed that way?

4. You may also wish to read Psalm 63, 54 and 142 and  1 Samuel: 22-26, before the next lesson. As you read the Psalms, note any clues to question 1! Write down any questions you may have.

5. Where is your personal Engedi?

Extra Features!

9 min. bible lesson about David cutting off the bottom of Saul's robe. Filmed in En Gedi!

Don't miss this 3 minute trip to En Gedi!!

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Class Outline

Lesson 1:  Introduction- What is a Stronghold  (15:14) 

Lesson 2: Bird Church   (15:12) 

Lesson 3:  The Process   (12:46)

Lesson 4:  Fortifying the Stronghold  (16:58)

Lesson 5: My Mighty Men  (18:19) 

Lesson 6: Conclusion ( 11:38)       (Pulling Into the Stronghold for Kids!) (12:00)  ) Optional

Lesson 7:  Lessons from the Stronghold  

(Thirteen short devotional-type lessons that can be listened to in any order)

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