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Part 7: Pulling Into the Stronghold "Lessons From the Stronghold"

If you have enjoyed the series Pulling Into the Stronghold you may be interested in these short devotional-type lessons that I recorded in 2019. I was actually IN the stronghold when I recorded these. All are stories from my first time in the stronghold, though! They can be listened to in any order. Enjoy!

The first lesson of the series is about Consecration. (9:07)

This lesson further develops the concept of consecration. Patti shares how she was encouraged to spiritually cleanse her home. (4:48

Patti discusses how she went to the pastors to be prayed for in a time of illness. She also describes how God challenged her to a forgiveness analysis. (6:01)

Patti talks about how God taught her to be thankful, even when she was in pain, and holed up in the stronghold. (4:56)

In this lesson Patti talks about learning to "pray without ceasing." (2:51)

Patti talks about how Jesus prompted her to pray for her pastors and also how to handle interruptions.(4:39)

Patti describes how she hears from God during devotional time with Jesus. Also, encourages you to study his word, and his works! (4:09)

Patti talks about memorizing scriptures while riding her bike. (3:28)

Patti shows how God helped her remember she had a great "cloud of witnesses. (4:46)

Patti discusses the overcomer, and "Hidden Manna." (4:12)

Patti talks about what God showed her regarding the Armor of God during her time of illness.((10:51)

In this lesson, Patti talks about the joy we have in the hope of the promises of God. Romans 12:12. (6:23)

In this session, Patti tells a story about finding a "Pearl of Great Price." This session is particularly encouraging for parents. (6:00)


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