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Pt. 1 Hezekiah, the Lord is My Strength "Holding on to Hope"

Ever since we visited Jerusalem, and saw Hezekiah's tunnel, the broad wall built by him, and learned of other archeological evidences of his reign, he has been one of my favorite biblical kings. His inspiring story is one of strength, faith, and hope!

 To understand the backstory of King Hezekiah’s life , it is important to know what was happening in the country of Judah right before the time of his reign . So, we will begin this six session  study of King Hezekiah with the story of King Ahaz, King Hezekiah’s father.  Studying Hezekiah is a bit challenging, because  parts of his life story are found in three books, 2nd Kings, 2nd Chronicles, and the book of Isaiah.

We start the lesson in 736 BC in the country of Judah, in the city of Jerusalem. The country of Israel to the North and the country of Aram, or Syria, is at war with Judah. To the east, the growing Assyrian Empire is threatening the entire region. The prophet Isaiah is there! As we study King Ahaz, we will be hearing about what is happening in Judah from Isaiah’s point of view! My friend, Logan, will be reading Isaiah's journal! Also, be watching for comments from my husband, John, popping up now and again!

After watching the video (23:00) be sure to check out the discussion or journaling questions. Then, watch some of the supplemental videos below! If you are interested in a lesson plan for Session 1, Click Here!

Lesson Scriptures:   2 Kings 16, 2 Chronicles 28, Isaiah 7-8. About Sacrificing to Molech( Deut 12:31, Leviticus 18:21, 20:2)

Discussion Questions

  1. How is the political and social climate of Judah in this time period similar to what is happening in America today?

  2. What actions of King Ahaz caused the decline in Judah?

  3. How is being “tolerant” of other faiths “intolerant” to Yahweh? How do we know?

  4. What did the remnant of Judah do during this time?

  5. In what ways do we compromise our walk with God for fear of non-believers in our lives? What do you think the high priest Urijah should have done? 

  6. Why do you think King Ahaz was not buried with the other kings? 

  7. Why do you think God gave the prophecy from Isaiah 7 to King Ahaz?

  8. How do you explain, “Emmanuel, God with Us?”

  9. What is the difference between hope and faith? 

  10. How will you prepare to succeed in an increasingly apostate culture? How can we hold on to hope?

Scriptures:   2 Kings 16, 2 Chronicles 28, Isaiah 7-8. About Sacrificing to Molech( Deut 12:31, Leviticus 18:21, 20:2)


For Further Study: The Dead Sea Scrolls (1:14)

Or go to Museum of the, Great Isaiah Scroll

For Information about Molech and Child Sacrifice

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