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Part 4: Pulling Into the Stronghold " Fortify Your Stronghold!"

In lesson 3, I shared with you in depth what is meant by the title of this study,Pulling into the Stronghold, and taught you how to do it yourself, giving you a strategy for what to do when you encounter a sudden trial or a difficult season of life. Have you had a chance to try it yet? Let’s review that process! This lesson reviews and enhances the process taught in Lesson 3, and encourages you to fortify your stronghold, preparing ahead for hard times. It also focuses on the biblical concept of worshiping in trials, no matter what happens!

Every one of us will encounter a major trial in our life at some point. How do we prepare for that? Fortify your stronghold! Just as they did in times of peace during the reign of the biblical kings, be sure you have memorized your stone verses, built up your "armory" of worship songs and practiced how to pull into the stronghold. Then, when hard times come, you can quickly go into action. I was unable to embed the short video clip of the 1517 to Paris, mentioned in the video. Be sure to watch that short clip, found below. Looking for Lesson Plans for this lesson? Click here!



Activity: Mark Psalm 57! Be sure to print a copy of Psalm 57 for each person. Then, have them mark the Psalm as they look for the elements: Pull In to God, Cry Out, Recite Truths, Tell God you Trust Him, and Worship. Then, join up as a group again and discuss the question. "What stood out to you the most as you completed this task? Did anything surprise you?"

Questions for Discussion or Journaling:

  1. What new things did you pick up as you listened to Patti review the process?

  2. What happened as you practiced the process this week? How did it go?

Which was the hardest step for you? 

  1. Why do you think it is important to practice?

  2. Share ideas how you might find your “stone” verses. Why do you think it might be important to get new verses for each new battle?

  3. How can knowing what to do in an attack give you strength as we face the end times?

  4. What is your favorite worship music to listen to?

  5. How else could you be proactive and fortify your stronghold?

If you have time, watch the supplemental videos! They are short!

This is the clip mentioned in the video! It is only 37 seconds!



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