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Lesson 7 Joshua: Lessons from the Promised Land "The Southern and Northern Campaigns"

Lesson 7, The Southern and Northern Campaigns (17:08)

In Lesson 7, Joshua and the Israelites are on the move, beginning with a series of battles against a confederation of the Amorite kings! In victory after victory, they sweep across the South, and then turn their sights to the North. Hidden in this lesson are two amazing miracles!! Over a seven-year period they conquer 31 kings. Patti relates this story to a collective string of victories God won through their medical mission team in Uganda, operating in the anointing of the local church there. How exciting! We can also have strings of victories in our Christian lives as well, if we follow the principles laid out in the book of Joshua.

Scriptures: Joshua 10-12


1. How do the principles Joshua learned and implemented in fighting battles with God apply to our spiritual battles today? What are the most important principles?

2. How can we know if it is a battle God wants us to fight?

3. Is it easy or hard for you to believe in the long day of Joshua? Why or why not?

4. It seems that God never uses the same strategy twice in winning different battles. How can knowing this protect us against becoming prideful?

5. What was it about Joshua’s leadership that made him someone everyone wanted to follow?

For you science lovers, here is the explanation of Joshua's long day, referenced in the video. Enjoy! (Beware! This one is about an hour long!

Also, here is an excellent article on the topic! Much shorter to read. Just click on the link below!

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