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Session 6: Wallbuilders "The Wall is Finished"

In the final session, we learn about how Nehemiah deals with personal attacks, and pushes through them to complete the wall in 52 days! In building our spiritual walls, we must also expect opposition as well, and push through the schemes of the enemy with God's help. Click here for handouts.

Scriptures: Nehemiah 5, 6:1-16

Video Length (14:58)


1. What part of this lesson could you relate to personally?

2. What is Nehemiah's go-to strategy when he is under personal attack?

3. After discerning the plot is from the enemy, and then praying, Nehemiah pushes through opposition to complete the task ahead without being distracted. How is he able to do this? Why was he able to stay focused?

4. Tell of a time this happened to you or someone you know.

5. Why do you think the enemies of the Israelites became fearful when the wall was finished in 52 days?

6. How is Nehemiah a "type" of Christ? How are they similar?

7. Spiritual revival was sparked by the completion of the wall. Why do you think that happened?

8. How do you think Nehemiah felt when he returned to

Jerusalem after coming back from Persia? Why do you think the people returned to their old ways?

9. How does the new covenant of Christ give us hope?

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