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Part 5 : Pulling Into the Stronghold " My Mighty Men"

Welcome to Pulling into the Stronghold Lesson 5! I would like to start out with a little

Bird Church! Remember, while I was in the stronghold, during a time of extended illness, God brought me over 113 different species of birds to photograph during the first year? Some of them came right to my window, while others were in the park near my home. At the beginning of this lesson, enjoy photos of sparrows along with my singing of the song, "The Refiner's Fire."

Next, we head back into the scriptures with David in the Strongholds of Israel. David was not alone during his time in the wilderness. While David was in the Cave of Abdullum, the Lord brought him many men to shore him up!

(1 Samuel 22:1-2) He called them his "Mighty Men." (2 Samuel 23:8-39) I had "mighty men" when I was holed up in the stronghold, too! As you listen to the story of my strong warriors, think about all the many ways we can minister to each other!

For Lesson Plans for Lesson 5, Click Here!


Scriptures: 2 Samuel 23:8-39  1 Chronicles 11.

Discussion or Journaling Questions:

  1. Read the lyrics to the song again. What is meant by the “refiner’s fire?” Tell of a time you felt like you were in the refiner’s fire.

  2. What are some of the ways Patti was ministered to by the body of Christ?

  3. In what ways have you been ministered to? Tell a story of a time when a sister or brother in Christ ministered to you at an important moment.

  4. Who are your Mighty Men? How did they come to be your Mighty Men?

  5. Who are Israel’s Mighty Men today?

  6. Think of a person who is “in the stronghold” right now. Make a plan to minister to that person this week.

9 minutes. (Don't miss this!)

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