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Part 6: Pulling Into the Stronghold "Conclusion"

If you have finished the first five sessions of this study, you might be wondering. What happened to Patti in the end?  Did she have a day when she was instantly healed? Or is she still sick? Did the promises God gave her come true? 

My healing was so gradual, that I did not notice my progress day to day. After a year or so, I was able to return to church. Over time, it became easier and easier to have company over, and ride in the car. It took about 4 years for all of the effects to go away completely. In 2017 I was able to return to Uganda on a mission trip.

God did indeed restore my health. I was able to dance and sing again! However, in 2019, I had another, even more debilitating episode! Learn about my new stones in my Return to the Stronghold!

For Lesson Plans for this Concluding Session, Click Here!


New Stones:  Psalm 71:17-18, Isaiah 46:4, Isaiah 41:10, Isaiah 7:14, (Isaiah 7), Isaiah 30:15, Psalm 32:8, Isaiah 62:4, Psalm 32:7, Zechariah 9:12


  1. What stood out from the video lesson? Which of Patti’s “new stones” jumped out at you?

  2. Why do you think God allowed Patti to go through the wilderness again? 

  3. What kind of wilderness experience are you experiencing right now? How can the group pray for you? Or minister to you?

  4. Which one of these lessons, 1-6, was your favorite? Why?

  5. What is your greatest takeaway from this study?

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(1:47) A little Bird Church!

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